Conversion Friendly Website Design Plan

Developing a conversion friendly web design is essential to the success of an Internet marking campaign. Great Web Development goes beyond the process of conceptualization, planning, and execution of electronic media content. It is a strategic analysis of traditional graphic design elements, delivered via the Internet in away that converts traffic into clients.

High-quality website usability incorporates both appearance and functionality to increase visitor confidence, and create credibility that improves conversion rates.

Conversion friendly website’s that invite traffic are content-rich, and take planning. Before the design begins, an Internet marketing strategy should be established. Is the functionality to sell a product/service, or provide information?

Conversion friendly web design involves analyzing target markets, monitoring visitor usability patterns, and altering content, structure and designs, to encourage visitors through the sales/lead funnel.

Website Development Keywords

Competitor bench marking must be worked into an Internet marketing strategy. Once a site plan has been determined, and a target market analysis complete, competitor bench marking should be implemented.

When bench marketing competitor websites, be sure to study their keyword strategy. How are they used in meta-tags, and distributed through out body text. What markets are they targeting and what is the percentage of difficulty to be ranked on that term.