As companies grow wiser to the potential of online video marketing, they to will post videos. Starting early will ensure that competitors will have a hard time catching up to you in rankings, as you will already have age of video, and quantity of video content, working for you. There is a whole marketing plan around video, including water marking video with your company URL as a form of free advertising

As all video websites becomes increasingly more popular there are more and more companies who are realizing the potential of video marketing as a way of generating traffic for free in order to get more exposure for their products and services.

Since You Tube first launched in 2005 it has continued to grow at a phenomenal rate and is now one of the top five most viewed websites on the internet today. It has become one of the best innovations in the history of the internet and has changed the way people view videos online.
As You Tube is still relatively new its easy to get people to actually view your videos and you can achieve top rankings in the search results with little effort. You can target specific keyword phrases and generate a constant stream of free targeted traffic for your website.

If you want to get more exposure for your products and services without having to spend any money on advertising or buying traffic you should seriously consider using videos as part of your marketing campaign. Its one of the easiest ways to generate traffic for free on the internet and you can start using it immediately.

A video optimization and maintenance plan should be discussed and implemented. This includes proper scripting of content, water marks on the video’s and selection of video sites.